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Follow the following steps for easy choosing:
Step 1:

First choose the Intermediate subject in which you're very much interested. i.e., among the following 3 subjects, choose the subject which must be the major basic subject for your B.Tech.

Step 2:

If your choice is

        Mathematics,     choose    CSE        or     IT          or   ECM   or   Civil
        Physics,            choose    ECE        or     EEE        or    EIE    or    Mechanical    or    Aeronautical
        Chemistry,        choose    Biotech    or    Chemical

Step 3:

Read the "Introduction", "What is this branch about...?", "Basics of Intermediate" paragraphs for the branches of your choice.
If you like them, then read "Practicals to be done" paragraph. Then select the branch(es) of your choice.

Step 4:

Now, sit with your parents and/or well wishers and analyse the "Job Opportunities", "Big Shots in Industry", "Indian Companies" paragraphs.
Then decide which branch is good and safe for your future.

Step 5:

Then read the "Good Colleges for . . ." paragraph and see last year rankings to decide which college you may probably get. Now read the "Major Subjects" paragraph and try to learn any basics in them.
Now, go back to "Branches info" page and follow these steps
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