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EIE is very similar to ECE. The difference comes in ‘C’ and ‘I’, i.e. communication and instrumentation.  According to the JNTU syllabus, the difference comes in 3rd year 2nd semester.
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What is this branch about…?

This branch actually deals with all sorts of physics in an advanced stage. In brief, it deals with:

  • Semiconductor devices
  • Some basic electrical technology
  • Sensors and transducers
  • Bit of Embedded Systems which we often use in Mobile Phones, Computers, A.C. s, Washing machines etc.
  • Instrumentation basics and in detail, the techniques basically used in power plants for the generation of power.
  • The basics of computer languages like C, Java.
Basics of Intermediate:

This requires a very good knowledge in Physics and Mathematics.

Major Subjects:

  • Electronic devices and circuits
  • Pulse and digital circuits
  • Sensors and Signal conditioning
  • Calibration and Electronic measurements
  • Microprocessors
  • Power plant instrumentation

Practicals to be done:

Generally practical lab will be very interesting because during intermediate, we only deal with the theory present in the textbook and now, we’ll have to practically experiment with them. From lab to lab there will be some changes. Instrumentation lab deals with level, flow, and temperature measurements.

Job Opportunities:

Apart from software jobs, electronics and instrumentation mainly deals with power plants.

Indian companies:

NTPC, BHEL, Jaypee Associates, GAIL, APGENCO
Mangalore Petroleum limited, EIL (Engineers India Limited).
Good Colleges for EIE:
(Not necessarily in order)

1.JNTU College of Engineering, HYDERABAD
2.JNTU College of Engineering, ANANTHAPUR
3.Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology
4.KAKATIYA Institute of Technology & Science, WARANGAL

-- Article by
        Ms. Ramya Teja,
        B.Tech. (EIE)
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