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Electronics and Computer Engineering is a branch offered in very few Engineering colleges of Hyderabad. It deals with subjects pertaining to both Electronics and Computers. Selecting this branch  widens job opportunities for students as one can flexibly choose to pursue career in Embedded Systems, Electronics or Computers.

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What is this branch about…?

The following are some of the things dealt with in this branch:

Basics of Intermediate:

This branch requires basics of Mathematics and Physics.

Major Subjects:

Practicals to be done:

Practicals pertaining to both Electronics and Computers are included in the curriculum. Programming is the main task in most labs. The language we use and the task we do change from lab to lab. Electronic Circuits and Digital Circuits are also analysed.

Job Opportunities:
This field offers a variety of jobs with high salary packages. The students belonging to this branch are eligible for recruitment into both software and electronics based company.

Big Shots in the industry:

Software Based : Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, SUN, hp, IBM.
Electronics Based : Honeywell Technologies, Texas Instruments , Motorola , Intel , Cisco.
Indian companies:

Software Based : Infosys, TCS, Mahindra Satyam, DRDO, ISRO
Electronics Based : HCL, Zenith, ECIL, BHEL, HAL
Good Colleges for ECM:
(Not necessarily in order)

1. Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology

-- Article by
        Ms. Trupti Singh
        B.Tech. (ECM)
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