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CSE and IT are actually very much similar branches. According to JNTU syllabus, both differ in a maximum of 4-6 subjects and there exists a difference in the order in which we encounter a few subjects. In OU syllabus, IT is more theoretical and CSE is more practical; but that difference is not very big.

So, don’t try to underestimate IT.

We've tried to provide the best info. and regret any inaccuracies but don't bear any legal responsibilities.

What is this branch about…?

In these branches, we deal with software completely, i.e. the abstract part of a computer. The following are some of the things dealt with in these branches.

Basics of Intermediate:

These branches require almost no basics of Physics and Chemistry. Only good amount of Mathematics will be useful.

Major Subjects:

Practicals to be done:

All the practicals are of similar type. We have to write programs that perform the required tasks. From lab to lab, the language used to write programs gets changed and the task to be done also. Many tasks to be done are very interesting.

Job Opportunities:

This field has the highest no. of jobs and very high salaries. Posts like Software Developer, Team Lead, Project
Manager, Program Manager, Analyst, Tester etc. are the ones for which we are eligible and they exist in almost all Software companies.

A feeling that “Software Industry is down and will not come back to its previous state” is there within everyone’s mind. But that’s not exactly true. The current Economic Crisis (Recession) has effected every industry right from banking sector to automobile sector and hence the software industry. Our media covers more news on Software industry, so we all know only about them.


1. Everyone knows that Microsoft, the World’s biggest Software company fired 5000 employees but no one knows that Intel, the World’s biggest Electronic chip manufacturing company fired 6000 employees.

2. Everyone knows that Infosys announced a decline in its profits but no one knows that AMD, World’s Second largest Electronic chip manufacturing company announced losses for this business year.

3. The whole world about Satyam issue but no one knows that Circuit City, America’s second biggest electrical company has been shut down and 40,000+ employees are left jobless.

So, Software industry is not the only industry which is down; it’s the whole economy which is down...

Big Shots in the industry:

Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, SUN, hp, IBM
Indian companies:

Private    :     TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Mahindra Satyam
Govt.      :     DRDO, ISRO
Good Colleges for CSE/IT:
(Not necessarily in order)

1. Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology
2. Koneru Lakshmaiah College Of Engineering
3. VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology
4. Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology
5. CVR College of Engineering

-- Article by
        Mr. Abhinay Sama,
        B.Tech. (CSE)
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