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Biotechnology can be viewed as application of biological models and information for commercial and applied purposes. The ultimate goal of biotechnology is commercialization and is inclined towards basic research and contribute towards adding information to scientific knowledge. We have biotechnology both in degree and engineering. In fact there is a great difference between B.Sc Biotechnology and B.Tech Biotechnology. The course content of B.Sc biotechnology is inclined towards theoretical sciences. B.Tech course will take only few courses in theoretical sciences, and most of the contents are from technological background and will nourish you as an engineer.

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What is this branch about…?

In this branch, we deal with different subjects. The following are some of the things dealt with in this branch:

Basics of Intermediate:

This branch requires the basic of Mathematics and sound knowledge in Chemistry.

Major Subjects:

Practicals to be done:

Practicals play a major role in this branch. They are entirely different from other engineering practicals. Handling various types of equipments and maintaining sterile conditions is very important. Various interesting tasks like culturing of different types of microorganisms, plants, animal cells can be performed.

Job Opportunities:

This field has a no. of jobs with high salaries. Most of the Biotech jobs are inclined towards research areas. The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) was set up by the Government of India under the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1986, to give a boost to the Biotech industry in India. Since then there has been no looking back.

    The Government of India is going all out to embrace the biotech industry and its products. Funds are flowing through Venture Capitalists (VCs) to biotech startups. Rebate on R&D, 100% foreign direct investment, excise and customs duty waiver on certain products, etc., are some of the incentives introduced by the government. India has made great strides in all the above biotechnological applications. The Indian biotech industry today encompasses 325 companies, some of them including Biocon, Serum Institute of India and Panacea Biotec alone, contributing to 27% of revenues. According to the 5th BioSpectrum-ABLE (Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises) Biotech Industry Survey, of April-May 2007, the industry has grown by 30.9% in 2006-2007 alone. The contract research industry in India could reach as high as US $ 270 million by 2009 (Asia Specific Biotechnology Market 2007-2010, June 2007).

Indian companies:

The top ten biotech companies of India listed below have broken new grounds and given new products and technologies to the world.
1.    Biocon
2.    Serum Institute of India
3.    Panacea Biotec
4.    Nicholas Piramal
5.    Wockhadrt Limited
6.    GlaxoSmithKline
7.    Bharat Serum
8.    Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited
9.    Zydus Cadila
10.   Indian Immunologicals

Close on the heels of the companies listed above, are Shantha Biotechnics, Biological E, Mahyco Monsanto, Bharat Biotech, Ranbaxy and Novozymes to name a few.
Good Colleges for BioTech:
(Not necessarily in order)

1. Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering College
2. Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology
3. Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology
4. Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology

-- Article by
        Ms. Naga Shravani,
        B.Tech. (BioTech)
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