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Aeronautical engineering branch is offered in quite a few colleges in our state. This branch is dealt only in JNTU affiliated colleges, there is no such type of course dealt in OU. It is easy to learn unlike other ones. The good thing about the syllabus is that it also includes subjects regarding Space. And there is also a proposal to rename Aeronautical Engineering to Aerospace Engineering. Till date, the course is called as Aeronautical Engineering only, applicants should make a note of it.

We've tried to provide the best info. and regret any inaccuracies but don't bear any legal responsibilities.

What is this branch about…?

    In this course we deal with the airplane and rocket engineering. The course provides a strong base for the work involved in airplane industries. It gives an outer view of structure of the aircraft, and how does it fly.

The following aspects are dealt in the course:

Basics of Intermediate:

The course requires some good knowledge in mathematics and physics. Also, student with zero knowledge in physics of intermediate can survive in this course but need to have good interest in the subject.

Major Subjects:

Practicals to be done:

Every subject mentioned is backed up with decent amount of practical work in the colleges. Except helicopters and rockets, all the practical works are present. Practical work does not mean that you are taken to an aircraft and you do some work, it only tells us how the airplane is practically flying, it is purely laboratory work.

Job Opportunities:
There are only limited number of job oppurtunities, a student entering into this course should not wholly depend up on jobs but should opt for higher studies. There are only few companys which involve aero projects. these companies may involve projects on structures and propulsion.

Indian companies:

Private    :     Infotech, Tata groups, Tecumseh, Quest, Safran aerospace.
Govt.      :     ISRO, DRDO, HAL, NAL.
Good Colleges for Aeronautical:
(Not necessarily in order)

We can consider year of establishment as order of quality.

1.    Institute of AeRonautical Engineering (in year 2000)
2.    MLR Institute of Technlolgy (in year 2005)
3.    Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technolog. (in year 2004)
4.    CMR College of Engineering & Technology ( in year 2006)
-- Article by
        Mr. Sanketh A,
        B.Tech. (AERO)
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